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I Have Moved
July 2, 2009, 8:21 pm
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Hi Folks, I have MOVED again.

[ http://daling-withyou.blogspot.com/ ]

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Bored Shit
July 1, 2009, 3:18 am
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Today got a wake up call from Siang Lim and Raymond. Those two are my buddies from FujiXerox. Met up with them for lunch with Yj as he was on leave. Gossip with them for a bit than we headed off different directions as they still had to work. When hm to finish off the movie Game Plan with Yj than went to Imm to return the dvds and had dinner there. And that was how i spend my day. BORING indeed.
Thanks alot Raymond for this bag.!IMG_1968

Circular Process
June 30, 2009, 4:37 am
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Woke up super early like 5.30am just to call yj to keep him awake by chatting with him. I was total feeling stoned and my brain was not processing at all. We touched on the topic of us being together before when we were in sec 3.. And the camps and class events we went through together before back than in sec school.
After hanging up i could not bring myself to sleep as i was thinking about the times back than and now after 5 yrs ,we are back together. I used to tell myself that it is impossible for us to be an item again as we just knew each other too well and we were too close of a friends.We use to say that we were twins, cause when i cry he would cry and when he was feeling emo i will feel it too haha. But who knows, unknown feelings just linger on without you even knowing it. Some couples just cant get back together after a break up, but thank god it is working perfectly fine or would i say, better for me now. It was silly how van always keep asking me, “so yj still like you ??” omg everytime when i was asked this ques, i would be left dumb founded. Pro i was unsure than , the chinese song sang by Jolin (Ni Hai Ai Wo Ma) totally was able to say out every word from my heart. When i was told that his heart had someone else, was i feeling all sore and jealous or was i happy for him? Thank God everything is over !! Thank You for being there when i really needed someone (without fail everytime when i go through a crisis) ,even though u were out in sea sailing (ur soul would somehow be lingering around me lol), you will try all means and ways to contact me. 
After waiting excitedly for a week, i finally received my letter of offer from Curtin Aus and was glad that i had 6 credits which i would be able to carry foward, which means i can save $ and save time. dun have to go through those boring subjects like economic, financial accounting, business law etc..

Random Post
June 29, 2009, 1:03 am
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Just Recovered from a eye operation. There was a lump on  my eye lid and i got to get it out. Damm it was horribly painful. Seriously wonder how i am gonna survive the lasik operation coming up next. Have to even wear glasses from now till the operation.  

On fri met up with mic and yj and headed to east coast park for night cycling. we cycled all the way from ecp car park to changi just to catch a glimpse of landing planes. We were there rather late so we ended only having 2 bikes though we had 3 people. My ass, tighs and legs were suffering the whole dam night. Mic on his on and yj and i shared one. As usual being the smallest size and lightest , i had to be ferry around. It was totally not fun at all but was kind of romantic having ur love one ferrying you in the middle of the night. AWWW!!!
Just watched transformers last night. It was Awsome… After which headed down to Bukit Timah Plaza as yj wanted to meet up with his friends for number ball. As usual Phy, karen, hui yun and i sat there to “gossip”.
Gonna post some pictures of us at ecp and pictures of yj and i washing our cars at my hm today.

Dead Sick
June 1, 2009, 6:13 pm
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Finally went to work yesterday although i some how lost part of my voice, had and still having a running nose and coughing away. Finally i was place at the bar for training. FUNN. Better than having to carry drinks and serving those fucked and rude customers. 
This morning got awoken by a call from Paya Beach Resort. Telling me that they have to offer us another room. Wtf .. fucked up management .. Hope everything goes well there… Wonder why these few days i am easily fustrated? 
Have been out late every weekend night.. The guys went to play number ball while hui yun, phyllis and i rot and cam whore .. 
One more week to Tioman. Hope by that day i will recover and be in the pink of  health. 

Counting Down To TIOMAN Trip
May 21, 2009, 12:28 pm
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There is still 2 weeks and a couple of days left before i head to Tioman.. Cant wait to get away from this urban lifestyle. Too many things had been happening. But wad to do shit happens but life still got to go on right.. Sick and tired of Singnet. The connection is like crap, it keeps cutting off.
Mic is away in Perth now, enjoying life there for 3 whole weeks.
There is a whole lot of check list i got to get before i get my ass on Tioman Island.
Finally gotten my hands on those Ray Ban shades too. They are just plainly Awsome!!
Would stop here for now. 

CLimbing Urge
April 17, 2009, 5:46 am
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Guess my blog is on the verge of extinction. Every since i have quit Xerox, have been bumming and waking up late every afternoon. Besides that, have been working at a pub at sunset place recently. Nice place to chill and work.
I miss Van and Claudia. Sob they are in Tioman and i stuck in Sing as there was no extra place. Hmm anyways looking forward to June’s Tioman trip. Have lots of outdated pics but i am just too lazy to upload it.
Been having the urge to climb again. You knoe the good old times in SP, Climb Asia and Camp 5 … Guess it is time to get my ass up and head down to CLimb Asia to climb next week.


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